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Ładziński Special-Purpose Vehicle Factory was founded in 2003. In the same year, the company established cooperation with a global manufacturer of fire trucks Brandschutztechnik Görlitz GmbH ( ). The possibility of cooperation with the world's leading manufacturer of fire trucks, having more than 150 years of tradition, allowed us to learn about the latest solutions and achievements in the field of construction of specialized trucks.


We manufacture specialized fire vehicles for customers from Poland and Europe. We make light rescue and fire-fighting cars based on the latest technologies and practical skills acquired over the years. We have extended our offer with the production of bodies for fire vehicles.


During production of light fire trucks, we primarily attach importance to their functionality and durability. The used Alu Fire anodized aluminum profiles allow us to design any equipment layout. These profiles are resistant to chemical substances, anti-corrosive and designed to operate in the most extreme conditions. All of our light fire trucks undergo extensive testing before they reach you. We operate in accordance with current European standards, we have the necessary certificates and full technical documentation.

When you order a light rescue firefighting car from us, you can count on professional help and professional support at every stage. We make projects using modern programs, so you can see what solutions we introduce at any time. In addition, you will receive regular reports on the progress of work on your light fire truck.

We are able to make fire vehicles in many configurations, depending on individual preferences. We listen to your comments and suggestions, and then implement them into the project, after which we send you for final approval. You can also show us your firefighting equipment and we will make sure that it fits perfectly into the vehicle where it can be used in an optimal way. As part of building a light fire truck, we are able to adjust platforms, movable and fixed shelves, fixings, additional LED lighting, mast, entrance to the roof and many other elements. We have a wide selection of standard and optional equipment.

See the Gallery on the website, where we present photos from the process of making fire fighting and rescue buildings for light fire trucks. High-quality photographs offer an insight into our work and allow a closer look at the mounted elements.

Our offer includes a light fire truck on the Iveco Daily 70 C 18 chassis with an aluminum composite structure with full equipment. It is equipped with a 1000 l water tank, “fast attack” and a motor pump or a high pressure module with a water and foam system. This modern light fire truck can accommodate a crew of six, has a built-in central locking ABS and immobilizer. The cabin is air-conditioned, the vehicle has a sound signal generator, light wave and a radio with an antenna. The Iveco light fire truck offered by our company has been approved for use by CNBOP. We also received permission from the Iveco brand to build bodies on this chassis.

We are able to prepare light fire trucks for work in the most difficult terrain, with poor visibility and extremely adverse weather conditions. We know that during the action firefighters must have a comfortable and quick access to the entire range of equipment – this is the reason why we design bodies with optimally positioned equipment. The durable and lightweight aluminum construction means that our light fire trucks are able to take more equipment while maintaining a total mass.

We guarantee that our light fire trucks will successfully serve you for many years. We kindly invite you to cooperation with our company.


For over 15 years, we have been manufacturing aluminum bodies for fire engines for Brandschutztechnik Goerlitz GmbH.

Based on the experiences we have decided to offer own high-quality and functional light fire vehicles to the units of the State Fire Service and the Volunteer Fire Department.

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