Why us?

1. You can trust us

ŁPSP Ładziński Production of Specialized Vehicles is a medium-sized industrial company and, above all, a family company with many years of experience. The origins of our company date back to 2003, and the Ładziński Group has existed since 1974. Trust combined with tradition and the highest quality is the basis of our long-term cooperation with Polish and foreign customers.

2. We have extensive experience and competence

We have been producing aluminum bodies for fire trucks for Brandschutztechnik Görlitz GmbH (www.btg-goerlitz.com) for over 15 years. We are constantly gaining new experience and improving the qualifications of our employees to meet the expectations of our customers.

- We have certificates: PN EN ISO 9001:2015, PN EN ISO 3834-2
- Our cars have a CNBOP approval certificate

- Posiadamy certyfikaty: PN EN ISO 9001:2015, PN EN ISO 3834-2

- Nasze samochody posiadają świadectwo dopuszczenia CNBOP

3. We use the best technologies

The connections used in our structures are resistant to high dynamic and static loads. Gluing instead of welding or riveting, while maintaining the same connection strength and aesthetics of workmanship - all this is guaranteed by the gluing technology with the latest construction adhesives that we use in our company. We provide a 10-year warranty on 3M foils - the foil prevents scratching the bodywork, and the care of a wrapped car is the same as a car without foil. Aluminum sheets and aluminum profiles are anodized, which results in better surface hardening and protection of the metal surface against corrosion.

4. Our trucks are useful and very practical.

The aluminum profile system that we use in our bodies allows you complete freedom when planning the arrangement of your car's equipment. Light construction means high load capacity, which in turn gives even greater possibilities of transporting firefighting equipment. Do you have your own firefighting equipment and want to put it in a new car? Do you care about space and high load capacity? Our profile system makes this possible. We tailor each car :)

5. Our trucks are functional

We use 3D design programs to design the bodies of our fire trucks. Thanks to them:

- we optimize the use of space in the fire truck

- we ensure even better arrangement of equipment in line with your expectations through visualization of the equipment

- we eliminate potential equipment collisions that may occur during design or when mounting equipment in the building

- we present you with a proposal for the arrangement of equipment in the body in the form of drawings - but the final arrangement of the car's equipment depends on you