IDEA—The reason why:

1. We can be trusted

Ładziński Special-Purpose Vehicle Factory is a medium-sized industrial company, and above all a family company with many years of experience. The beginnings of our company date back to 2003, and the Ładziński Group was established in 1974. Trust combined with tradition and the highest quality is the basis of our long-term cooperation with Polish and foreign customers.

2. We have extensive experience and competence

For more than 15 years we have been manufacturing aluminium bodies for fire trucks for IBrandschutztechnik Görlitz GmbH  ( ). Cooperation with the global manufacturer of fire trucks allows us to constantly gain experience and improve our qualifications in order to be able to meet the expectations of our customers. These activities are reflected in a constant increase in the number of fire bodies and obtained certificates such as
PN EN ISO 9001 and PN EN ISO 3834-2.

3. We believe in the latest technologies

AESTHETICS MATTERS—Gluing instead of welding or riveting while maintaining the same joint strength. Yes, it is possible. The joint is to be both resistant to high dynamic and static loads and made aesthetically, which is guaranteed by the technology of gluing with the latest structural adhesives.

4. Our trucks are useful and very practical.

You have your own firefighting equipment and want to mount it somewhere? You need space and large carrying capacity? You need our profiles system. The aluminium profiles give you complete freedom to plan your equipment. Lightweight body means high payloads, which in turn gives even more possibilities of transporting firefighting equipment.

5. Our trucks are functional.

Ergonomics, functionality, optimization are not just slogans when you use 3D design programs in work. Thanks to them:

- we optimize the use of space in fire truck body,

-by visualizing the equipment we provide even better distribution of the equipment, more consistent with our clients’ expectations,

-we eliminate potential collisions that may occur during design or during installation of the equipment in the body,

-you receive plans of equipment in the form of drawings, all so that you can get acquainted with our proposal of equipment location. But you are the ones who ultimately decide.

6. We want to enjoy the process with you.

The purchase of a truck is a big thing. We are with you from the beginning to the end. We want to make your waiting for your truck more pleasant, which is why you can witness every stage of its construction. You have a full insight into the progress of the construction of your truck through our website. A weekly progress report sent to you is a standard for us.