Below we present the exact specification of our equipment trolley

DMC 500 kg

1200 x 800 x 1600 [mm]

Parking brake

Possibility of adjusting to the customer's requirements

Technical Specifications:

Our company makes various types of equipment trolleys that are great for storing fire equipment.

Many units have a problem with the transport of equipment, especially when it comes to specialized equipment (e.g. as part of the specialization of units). Light car bodies can be adapted to the transport of this type of containers/trolleys, it is also possible to adapt car trailers to this type of storage.

Trolleys are a great alternative to racks in the unit - the equipment is not in warehouses, but is prepared and properly distributed on trolleys, depending on the needs: e.g. hose, hydraulic, pump, with spare cylinders, sorbent, etc.

- Trolley made of anodized aluminum profiles, shelves covered with aluminum sheet

- All elements are made of corrosion-resistant materials

- The trolley is equipped with 4 swivel wheels (with the possibility of locking the front wheels) with brakes that operate automatically after releasing the handle (emergency brake)

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